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TGI sees a world of regeneration. Business plays an important role in getting us there. The three categories below are the primary ways in which we work. Can we help you align your business with regeneration?

Regenerative Supply

Transforming your company’s relationship to its supply. Agricultural landscapes have an incredible potential to transform our climate and social problems. TGI works with natural products companies through a developmental process which connects them more deeply to their supply and results in innovative and multifunctional approaches to complex supply decisions.

Regenerative Agriculture

In a collaborative and developmental design process, TGI works with our clients to create living systems that mimic the diversity and resiliency of natural systems.

Business Development

Using a developmental process, Terra Genesis works with you and your team to uncover what your business has to offer the world. A business can’t grow in a scattered way. We help ground the overwhelming potential of regeneration in your business. Have your company function with efficiency and effectiveness toward your business’s bottom line, while contributing to the world you want to see.

Case Study: Supply System Assessment

Discover how TGI approaches supply system assessment


WALKERS RESERVE + TGI Discover how TGI worked with Walkers Reserve and transformed their Sand Quarry into a Food Forest.


YELLOW SEED + TGI Find out how TGI supported Yellow Seed in building a community marketplace for cacao growers.

NEW! Case Study: BRASA

TGI seeks to assess, inventory, and map the appropriate systems and perennial staple crops for the specific conditions of any watershed. For example, we have now used BRASA to identify the placement (at the parcel level) of chestnut production systems across approximately 1.7 million acres of the Connecticut River Watershed in Massachusetts. We’re looking forward to expanding that reach to reduce erosion, increase drought risk and flood resilience, and drawdown carbon at some of the highest rates of any farming practices.

Case Study: BRASA

We love designing productive landscapes

We have years of experience working with whole-systems design. Our work is not predefined. Every client brings a unique context, particular aims, and their own ecosystem of potential. We start our work by helping you find the right questions, then we dig deep.

Yellow Seed is partnering with Terra Genesis to pilot what a regenerative supply chain might look like. This includes engaging a network of farmers, buyers and intermediaries together in a process to co-design agreements and actions towards shared impact goals.

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Nancy Zamierowski

Yellow Seed



Terra Genesis International has worked closely with our grassroots farmers association to support our own vision of a healthy ecosystem. Their rare mix of skill and vision has helped us connect to our own unique value offering and bring that to market in a way that is continuing to grow our capacity as farmers, as a cooperative, and as a community.

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George Fletcher

Eco-Cacao, Ecuador

Some of our partners


With a an action learning pedagogy and an international network of advisors, Gaia University is the world’s leader in hands on learning for businesses and communities looking for accredited degrees that are concrete and grounded in the dynamic complexity of reality, while maintaining a strong commitment to planetary health and social justice.

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Our friends at Cieba Forestry have pioneers productive conservation investments and are leaders in carbon accounting and ecological forestry.  Our partnership brings an enormous amount of shared experience to the table for any potential projects in the tropics, be they integrative farming systems or carbon offsetting.