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We see a world of regeneration. One where every business plays a role and every product purchased makes the world a better place. We want to help your company be a part of it. We believe that a thriving world needs your business, and your business needs a thriving world. Uncover your unique contributions and develop a supply that is truly regenerative.

Our work is not predefined. Every client brings a unique context, particular aims, and their own ecosystem of potential. We start our work by helping our clients ask the right questions, then we dig deep.

Understanding your essence

We work to unveil and express the essence of every client and place  that we work with.


Each person, place and company has its own unique essence. When we overlook this fundamental truth, we create standardized strategies that have no basis in reality. This is especially true for agriculture. Soils, ecosystems, hydrological systems, cultures and crops are all different in every context. 

We start from essence, exploring what is unique first. We grow a link between the essence of place, be it an ingredient origin, or a planned community, and the vision of your business. This creates a resilient and dynamic relationship that has the capacity to increase health and viability for all stakeholders. 

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As we enter into our work with clients, we don’t start with answers. We start with questions. We want to understand you and your company on a fundamental level. Who are the founders? What’s the culture of the company? What moves people to engage with the company? How can we draw out this thread of essence and bring it to the forefront of how we work together?


When the essential elements of an organization are brought out, and operations are aligned with this impulse, the entire company works more effectively, efficiently, and energetically. The change is palpable for all involved.

Embracing your context

No company is an island. We can’t exist on our own, but only through relationships to the context we’re embedded in and dependent on. Terra Genesis believes in the importance of understanding, consciously engaging, and building relationships with all your stakeholders.

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Rather than engaging from the perspective of extracting value, what happens when we start to see our stakeholders as part of our own circles? How can we create reciprocal relationships with each in such a way that all are uplifted by the engagement? Resilience, loyalty, trust, transparency, and abundance arise from this way of working.

Moving beyond sustainability, beyond "doing good"

Once we have a clear view of your essence and the context you’re embedded in, we help by challenging modes of thinking that aren’t serving you. We help you to ask different questions, build different relationships, challenge the status quo, and see emerging opportunities.

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Regeneration is not something you can easily answer. A check-list of best practices has proven over and over to simply “do less bad.” Terra Genesis brings a planet of connections and years of experience working in Regenerative Agriculture to help you see possibility.

Are you ready to engage?

Support and set free

Just as every child has a unique essence and unique context, they also have an incredible potential that is all their own. That potential is not dictated by the ideals of the parents but nurtured by their support and engagement.

At TGI, we see the most effective client engagement lasting from three to five years with frequent developmental and design work. After that amount of time, your team should have developed the capacity to engage with the process of regeneration to a high degree.

Our goal is that your company has learned to ask the right questions and are now engaging others to grow their ability to see a planet of regeneration.