Permaculture In Practice – Northern Thailand – July 13, 2011

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Permaculture In Practice at The Panya Project, Northern Thailand

This course is hosted following each of the Permaculture Design Courses at Panya.  All are welcome, whether you just took the PDC course, have taken one in the past, or are new to permaculture.

The Panya Project is one of TGI's partner organizations, and is a thriving example of permaculture in Northern Thailand.  If you are interested in checking out their website, follow this link:

Over two weeks following the conclusion of the Permaculture Design Course you will:

Learn the art of natural building.

Learn and put into action natural building techniques including wattle and cob, adobe, clay plasters and pigment renders and use these tools in building projects.

Plan and plant organic vegetable garden beds.

Learn about trees in our food forest.

Make 18 day compost: see how we turn organic matter into usable living soil in less than three weeks.

Discover the importance of seed saving.

Empower yourself to live self sustainably through sessions where you can learn to make bread, wine, cheese, yoghurt, kimchi, kombucha, natural soap and EM.

Experience day to day life in a Permaculture community. We will hold daily yoga and meditation sessions in the mornings and there is a nearby reservoir to have cooling swims in the afternoon.

Put your new-found permaculture practice to good use!


Two week internship: ……………. 12,000 baht (US$400) all inclusive.


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