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Meet the team

TGI is an international regenerative design consultancy comprised of ecological designers, farmers, foresters, ecologists, educators, engineers, financial analysts and branding and marketing professionals. We serve the potential of your business to serve the world.

Russell is an ecological designer based in Amherst, MA. He is committed to creating a commercial chestnut industry in the Northeast United States, and to working with landowners, business leaders, and college-aged athletes to develop their ability to work with living systems. Most recently he has led the development of the BRASA process, and uses the watershed-level lens to work with brands on investing in their supply systems.
Russell Wallack
Luke is a designer, educator and practitioner with over 10 years of international experience in regenerative agriculture. He works with companies, farmers and NGOs to identify strategic interventions for whole systems regeneration and views the intersection of agriculture and supply as a node for evolving relationships of beneficial reciprocity between society and the biosphere.
Luke Smith
With entrepreneurial, farming and design experience with cacao and chocolate, Gregory balances expertise in regenerative agriculture with success in the natural product industry. Gregory’s work with companies creates sourcing structures, partnership opportunities and shared strategies for regeneration. His work has helped to grow an ecosystem of businesses and organizations dedicated to expressing the essence and regenerative potential of a product through the entire value adding process.
Gregory Landua
Spending over a decade of his life in SE Asia and working in seven different countries, has given Christian Shearer a unique perspective on the lives of the small-holder farmer. At age 24, Christian founded the most well-know permaculture education center in SE Asia, the Panya Project. As that project matured, Christian shifted his focus to Terra Genesis International. As Chief Operations Officer to TGI, Christian combines his whole-systems project management experience with his passion for transformation of our social systems.
Christian Shearer
Jesse Smith is a regenerative agriculture practitioner, designer and consultant that works with the TGI team from California’s central coast. He is the director of Land Stewardship at the White Buffalo Land Trust, and the Farmland Program lead at Kiss the Ground. He is working with his teams to develop a vibrant and resilient regional food economy rooted in functioning agricultural landscapes. Jesse has a background in Visual Communication Design, Industrial Design and Technology, and Permaculture Design. His passions and focus are on enterprise development, living systems integration and product development within the food sector.
Jesse Smith
Brecht Deriemaeker is a Design Engineer with Master degrees in both Electromechanical Engineering and Industrial Product Design. He combines regenerative thinking with engineering and tackles problems as pointers towards opportunities for global change. As a consultant he focuses on permaculture masterplanning, energy systems, water supply and web design. He has worked on a variety of different projects in Thailand, China, India, Barbados, Indonesia, Guatemala and Vietnam.
Brecht Deriemaeker
Sara De Moitié is a strategic designer. She holds a master in Industrial Product Design, and has worked as a product, service and graphic designer. She has experience in working across the design and development process, from branding and communications to detailed design and development. She has also worked as a design thinking teacher and coach at Aalto University in Finland. She has worked on projects in Belgium, Finland, the USA, Canada and Argentina.
Sara Demoitié
Georgi is a technical designer, analyst and illustrator based in Bulgaria. He specialises in geomatic, hydraulic and grading analytics, and the detailed design of access, irrigation, forestry, fencing and cultivation layouts for large scale farming enterprises in the US, Australia and Europe. Recent projects include the layout of 260 Ha farm in Hawaii and the analysis and the planning of a 1100 Ha grazing enterprise in Australia.
Georgi Pavlov