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Where we come from, how we evolved and where we’re going. 


Agricultural landscapes have an incredible potential to transform our climatic and social problems. This is the story of the birth of a new approach to business & life. 


Our background is in the soil and with the plants. Eight years ago our team of Permaculture and Agriculture systems designers founded Terra Genesis. We began as a cutting edge integrative permaculture design firm, bringing knowledge from permaculture, holistic management, horticulture and a professional landscape design approach to our large scale agriculture and business clients.


We saw that there is a way that agriculture can mimic natural systems, grow topsoil, reduce erosion, increase quality of life for farmers, increase nutrient density, and sequester a huge amount of CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere.

These positive results feedback into themselves and create more of each of those qualities for many years. These processes can contribute to the solution of so many of the problems on our planet, but are only being implemented on a very small scale. We made a strategic shift into a realm, where we did not see any other company working.


We discovered that existing supply chains would be an excellent the place for us to focus on. We started working with companies around the globe that use natural ingedients in their products, analysing and redesigning their supply chain. We developed methods to ensure high-quality products, while producing all these additional benefits to the world.


On a spectrum of degenerative to sustainable to regenerative, even most organic production still falls to the left of sustainable. We shifted our thinking from doing less harm to actively improving systems.

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Regeneration is a process that needs to be engaged with on all levels. It is not something you can simply purchase or be connected to. It is something you form a relationship with – something you perennially engage with and through which you continue to grow. Regeneration goes beyond just having a regenerative source for your ingredients. We look at regeneration on all levels: regeneration with your customers, your investors, with the local communities and within your organizations.