Regenerative Supply

LUSH SEED Grants for Permaculture

For the last year, Terra Genesis International has been working with LUSH Cosmetics to collaboratively develop regenerative supply chains for their global portfolio of ingredients. The recently-launched SEED Grants Program is a small but important thread of the overall regenerative supply chain development strategy. The initial round of grants has closed, but will reopen again later in 2015. Contact Terra Genesis now for more information, or follow the links below. LUSH is pleased to announce the launch of our Sustainable Enterprise Ecology Development (SEED) Grants Program, a part of  the Sustainable LUSH (SLush) Fund. This document lays out the  goals, wanted applicants, and criteria for SEED Grants.

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SEED Grants aim to support the rapid development of a broad base of sustainably produced raw materials grown with permaculture ethics and principles.  Behind the scenes LUSH has been working diligently to analyze our internal and external processes and develop more strategic opportunities to shift our business in ways that support a healthy and robust global web of regenerative farm businesses, cooperatives and supporting enterprises. SEED Grant funds will help us increase the number of regenerative farms that  produce one or more of our raw materials. A list of these raw materials is included  at the end of this document but it is important to note that we invent new products seasonally so this list may be subject to change.

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