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Agriculture & Farming, Blockchain, Carbon Farming

A network for planetary regeneration. The first step toward a local, regional, and global carbon drawdown economy. to use Reverse Mining to actively restore health of the planet through token generation process.

Cancun, Mexico — Amidst the incredible energy at devcon3 emerges is a decentralized ecological knowledge network that will reverse climate change by incentivizing regenerative agriculture. Agriculture is both the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions historically, and the most significant carbon drawdown mechanism available to us today. coalesces a broad array of partners to bring the planet’s agricultural land back to health.

At the core of this process is a mechanism called Reverse Mining. Conventional agriculture, and capitalism as a whole, has been dominantly extractive in nature, liquidating ecological and community capital for financial yields, i.e. mining the planet for wealth. Reverse Mining turns this on its head by actively restoring the health of the planet in a token generation process. is focused on regeneration, which draws down carbon from the atmosphere through biological methods in a verifiable way. This results in an economy that is more equitable for farmers, healthier for eaters, and brings humanity back into a relationship with the land that ensures a livable planet for generations to come. Utilizing a variety of data sources (satellite, agricultural sensors, smart phones, drones, climatic, and geological), will be able to monitor and verify carbon sequestration on a per-farm per-annum basis through a process called Proof of Regeneration. This mechanism will control the creation of new tokens via algorithms tied to an index of regenerative metrics including carbon sequestration. is a network upon which other Decentralized Applications can be built. The two primary markets currently foreseen that could stack on top of this network are for carbon markets and consumer product companies. Carbon markets are already in the billions of dollars in trade volume. With the passage of the Paris Climate Agreement, well over a hundred countries are scrambling to find quality mechanisms for accounting for their carbon drawdown, and will be able to provide the premier in this regard: Verified Regenerative Carbon Sequestration. On the consumer product front, many corporations, large and small, are looking for better superlatives than Organic and Fair Trade to describe their supply webs. Utilizing our on-farm data, will be able to offer Verified Regenerative Supply. Both of these services will be paid for in Regen coin. plans to launch their pre-sale in the first quarter of 2018 through their Swiss Foundation (currently in formation) and will have a Token Generation Event in the second quarter of 2018.

About Foundation, will be a legal Swiss Foundation. It was born out of years of conversations between numerous stakeholders surrounding the US-based LLC, Terra Genesis International and a group of blockchain developers.

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