Terra Genesis International

Re-think Enterprise.

Re-design Supply Chains.

Re-imagine Markets.

Regenerate the Planet.

Regenerate the Planet

TGI works with corporations, non-profits, and social enterprises to re-imagine, re-design, and regenerate their relationship to the earth. We work with our clients to develop:  

  • Regenerative Supply Chains
  • Sustainable Agriculture & AgroEcology
  • Permaculture Education & Design Systems
  • Regenerative Enterprise Ecologies
  • Holistic Management Governance
  • Reforestation & Carbon Sequestration Projects

Through this work we are creating wealth for our clients, ecological diversity and carbon sequestration for the planet and helping our global community shift toward a more sane world.

"We believe that this planet can be truly enlivening for people, while also enhancing a healthy and diverse natural world. "