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White Paper: Levels of Regenerative Agriculture

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The term “Regenerative Agriculture” has recently experienced a meteoric rise in public interest, through discussion and promotion by both corporate and non-profit entities. This explosion of excitement and engagement has great, positive eco-social potential for individuals, farms and businesses. However, some uses over-simplify, banalize, or fragment Regenerative Agriculture, instead of engaging with it as a whole and viable discipline. To […]

Sep 13,20168 comments

The Reflections of an Agro-ecology Designer at Sea

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In the spring of 2016, Terra Genesis began working with Regenerative Seas, a nonprofit organization looking to work on the interconnected systems of marine conservation and coastal community well-being. The organization was born out of a response to the atrocities taking place in the marine environment and the simultaneous exploitation of coastal communities in the […]

Sep 6,2016No Comments

What is Regeneration? Part 5 – Nestedness

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by Carol Sanford It is clear to most of the folks I talk with that the primary paradigm, or worldview, that we use to manage businesses (as well as government, education, and families) is causing a major shortfall for humans, economies, societies, and our living Earth. Interestingly, most people can list a few qualities of […]

Aug 10,2016No Comments