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Cultivating the regenerative potential of your supply


- Terra Genesis International -



We're an international regenerative design consultancy. We work to bring you solutions that regenerate soil, increase biodiversity, and boost your business. We help you to rethink the business of agriculture in our changing world. Grow your impact. Build your brand. Increase customer loyalty and build resiliency.

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We use a system of farming principles and practices that increase biodiversity, enrich soils, restore watersheds, and enhance ecosystem services. Regenerative agriculture helps reverse current global trends of atmospheric accumulation of carbon, offers increased yields, resilience to climate instability, and higher health and vitality for farming and ranching communities.

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We work from the ground up to grow and evolve your team and your stakeholders internal capacity. Our aim is to be redundant and for every company we work with to become leaders and experts in regenerative agriculture and supply so that we can retire to a thriving world and be farmers ourselves.

Our work

 Our work isn't predefined. Every client brings a unique context, particular aims, and their own ecosystem of potential. How will your company align with planetary regeneration? Let us help you figure it out.


New - BioRegional Agroforestry Suitability Analysis (BRASA)


We seek to assess, inventory, and map the appropriate agroforestry practices and tree crops for the specific conditions of any watershed. Most recently, we have used BRASA to identify suitability for commercial chestnut production across approximately 1.7 million acres of the Connecticut River Watershed in Massachusetts. We created this tool to support the expanded implementation of these practices, to reduce erosion, increase drought tolerance and flood resilience, and draw down atmospheric carbon.

Supply System Assessment


The natural products companies that we work with have the highest intentions for their businesses and industry-leading capabilities. We offer our services to them so that they are conscious of both the dangers within their supply system, and the nascent opportunities for regeneration.  

The regeneration of Walkers Sand Quarry


This is the story of the transition from an extractive economy of sand mining, to a 250 acre Permaculture landscape serving as the cornerstone of  a regenerative economy based on regenerative agriculture and community engagement. Walkers Reserve is now a thriving permaculture demonstration center and a leader on the island nation of Barbados in modeling climate adaptation through local agricultural business. .  

Yellow Seed


Terra Genesis International and Yellowseed have partnered to bring together stakeholders from throughout the supply chain of cacao, from part to maker to customer, to explore their unique value offering. Stay tuned as Terra Genesis International, Yellowseed and our partners throughout the cacao value adding process work together to pioneer the transition from supply chain to regenerative producer web.

The unique partnership between Terra Genesis and Cholaca is fundamental to the success of Cholaca and our broader influence on the way we do business as a global community. They allow me to be incredibly optimistic that our vision for a better, stronger planet and a clear economic roadmap will come to fruition…one cacao pod at a time!

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Ira Leibtag

CEO of Cholaca



We enquire deeply into the essence of your business and your stakeholders. We above all else hold a commitment to growing your capacity to think and act from the regenerative paradigm, and to understand and support regenerative agriculture as a cornerstone of your business model. Best of all, all of this is grounded in the pragmatic expertise of farmers and entrepreneurs who have been there and done that.


We analyse your supply chain, soil, agricultural systems, market trends, climatic risks, irrigation technologies and anything else that needs planning, design or engineering. Our team of engineers, permaculture design experts, agro-ecologists, foresters, carbon scientist and financial analysts stay up way too late to provide you with the best thinking and concepts available. Together, we serve the potential of your business to serve the world.


We work to help you uncover the right questions, then we work hard to generate meaningful answers to those questions. We think about systems change and business decisions in our complex world as learning acupuncture.




We believe in the power of business to

regenerate ecosystems and reverse climate change.

The Terra Genesis International goal is to shift 1 billion dollars of purchasing power per year, for the next ten years, into fully regenerative sources. This will lead to 100 million acres of agricultural land transitioning to regenerative agriculture. That will capture enough carbon to reverse global climate change.

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Ethan Roland

CFO, Terra Genesis International



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